a symbol of humantology

What is humantology? Let us begin by realizing the true potential of humanity; which is to fundamentally change the world is the best way for everyone and everything. Unfortunately, the current path of humankind is going down a downward spiral that will eventually lead to its own destruction.

Example. We are overdue for a dinosaur slaughtering asteroid the likes of which occurred 66 million years ago. We currently have no way to protect ourselves. That is extremely pathetic. Meanwhile, we bicker over who receives food stamps and who is going to win the next presidential election. Who cares? It doesn’t matter who wins because nothing ever truly changes.

We deserve a system that works for us. Introduce Humantology. The name matters not. You could call it mashed potatoes 🙂 the point is the purpose behind the word. The purpose is salvation for humanity. Let’s go over some key principles here. If our organization can’t include every single person in the world then it is meaningless as a worldwide organization.

What does Humantology truly mean?

It’s like humanism except we are proactive and we are open to everyone no matter the religious affiliation. You could be a Buddhist, but you are free to join us in our principles. You could even be atheist, because it matters not what god you believe, what matters is that you wish to make the world a better place and to help humanity advance to the age of an advanced space faring civilization.

Is Humantology a religion?

Sort of. It is more of a philosophy. We do have a hierarchy because we believe in “benevolent governance”. The guiding principle here is that the purpose of humanity is the creation of “heaven on earth” by reaching a post-scarcity world. If you are Christian, then you should know that is the way that we are supposed to go in. You need not faith, only to believe in us and our righteous mission to deliver salvation to all of humanity. We have the answers to virtually every person of every faith.

Do you have rules set in stone?

No. We are in the process of chartering our own path forward. There are many organizational secrets, but you will need to be an active participant to play a part.

How will you solve the worlds’ problems?

By cutting out the corruption to actually do what the people want and need. Everyone in the world deserves quality healthcare, a quality education and to be able to work any kind of career that he or she is truly interested in. AI technology only seems scary because of the corrupt governments that leave us no choice but to work jobs that we do not like. In our society everyone will have the opportunity to learn new skills and contribute in ways that is both satisfying and fulfilling. The problem here is that we have millions, if not billions of people working tedious jobs that they hate. The solution here is to utilize artificial intelligence to do the brainless jobs – driving, making sandwiches, etc. then you have people pursue what they are truly interested in. This is the purpose of humanity. This is the way…

Is this some kind of cult?

No way! We are totally transparent, open to anyone and allow every member to come and go as they please.

What else are you about?

We are about self-improvement. Being the best we can be because our body is the vessel of our eternal life to be. Death is a choice. But that is a different matter. We will also create guides and tutorials on how to earn money and I will also create videos. In this I will (hopefully) improve my own skills. This project is my way of sharing my philosophy and improving my own skills.