Poverty is an ever increasing problem due to corruption on part of the governments of the world. You have politicians who care only for themselves and nothing at all for the constituents who elected them. The way to end poverty is more complex than simply enacting some legislation. It goes to the entire foundation of humanity and how we organize ourselves.

  1. Shelter. Everyone deserves shelter. There is no reason, at all, unless by choice that anyone would live without shelter. In our society, this would be done.
  2. Post scarcity. Our purpose here on earth is to create a post-scarcity world where no one has to do jobs that they dislike. Do you have av job that you dislike? Well, the post-scarcity world will be without these. Our robotic systems will do all of the tedious jobs such as running a cash register, making burgers, etc. A lot of people fear this innovation because they feel as though they will need to scramble to find another job. But this fear only exists because we are ruled by people without solutions. We are ruled by people who do not truly enact innovation because new innovation occurs naturally through the market economy. What politicians do is REACT to that action. And that is useless. We could create “structured” innovation where every person is doing a job that they LOVE and no longer working just to make ends meet.
  3. Hunger. No longer will there be hunger because all will be fed.

It matters not if you are a god believer or not. An organization that strives for greatness but leaves out one person is not great at all. But let’s look at Jesus. What would he do? Would he let people to starve or live without shelter? That’s because Jesus is more than Jesus. It is a personification of what we could and what we should become.

Our purpose is not to die to reach “heaven” but to create heaven here on earth. That is the purpose of true Humanism and Humantology, to advance ourselves to the next level. To overcome petty belief so that we can become the best of our ability.