Well, the first thing that you need to do is know what version of Android you’re using and setup an account on a cloud (or multiple clouds). Once you do that, sync your stuff on that cloud and you should be ok if you need to restore any files on your phone. You can also take advantage of 3rd-party apps that will help you to store your data by rooting your device. But most people won’t do that because it’s a bit of a complicated process. So what if your phone crashed (or whatever) and you lost your data? You will need to restore it.

This is how you can sync with a cloud…

Go to settings>account & sync

Under that section tick the box that says “auto-sync data”. This will pretty much put it all on auto-pilot for you. Next tap on Google and sign into your account on gmail.

Now you will get to decide what exactly you want synced. I would choose everything you can’t stand losing. This is all optional stuff.

Now go to settings>backup & reset

Check “back up my data”

This short process will get you all setup on Google’s cloud network. If you’re concerned with privacy, then you will need to be more vigilant on what you agree to sync or utilize some other 3rd party avenues of saving your data. Personally, I don’t have anything to hide so I store myself on the Cloud 100% 🙂

I recommend Google’s cloud because your stuff will automatically be imported if you’re using a different device and sign into your account. You’re covered, no matter what.

After this you might want to locally save your apps, media, messages etc that is stored on your microSD card on your phone. We are talking about music, movies, and any other types of media you’ve saved on there.

You’ll need a computer for this. Connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable, however; if you’re using MAC, then make sure you have the Android File Transfer application installed before you do this.

Open “My Computer” on your pc or “finder” on your MAC.

Navigate to your SD card and copy the data that you want transferred. Unplug your phone after it’s done. duh lol

how to save your messages from an android device

You can easily save all of your text messages to your gmail account by following my little tutorial here. Download SMS Backup+ or some other one. Look at the reviews to make sure it’s good stuff 🙂 Open this app and click “connect”. Choose your gmail account. Go back to the app and click “backup”. Give the app permission, of course. Log into your gmail account and you will now see an “SMS” folder in your email. Congratulations! You did it. If you fail, then you suck lol. Just kidding! Post a comment here and I will do my very best to help you out.

You can also easily reinstall apps by entering Google Play and clicking on the “hamburger icon” (three horizontal lines” on the top left. This will bring you to “My Apps” and you will be able to reinstall from here. However, a local backup of your apps would save both time and bandwidth. I personally opt for the former, because I don’t care about a bunch of apps. But, you know, I’ll give you the scoop on how to do it anyway.

Download ES File Explorer or Helium and follow the prompts.