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Part of humantology is being a “better person” and increasing your skills by learning new skills such as a new language. If learning a language is your goal, then you should fully immerse yourself in it as much as you possibly can. That is the way to attain any kind of information. As for resources you can use…

Busuu is one course that I highly recommend because I’m using it myself. It has been a tremendous help in solidifying the foundation of language. Also, watch/listen to youtube videos, podcasts, read the news and watch tv in your target language. I don’t suggest changing your device(s) language to the target language because that has caused issues by way of websites and apps “thinking” that I’m from a different country.

If you want to try busuu for 30 days free then use my link here: Busuu

Signing up under us will help support this organization and its cause for peace and prosperity worldwide. That is the fundamental goal here. The more intelligent we are, the more aware we are. The more aware, the more clarity we have. The more clarity, the more focus….

Busuu has a lot of great features that a resource Duolingo simply doesn’t For example, you get graded from real native speakers of the target language. That’s not to say I hate Duolingo. It’s just not as good as Busuu. Duolingo is focusing too much of gamification and not enough on actual language learning. And quite honestly, you won’t even achieve conversational fluency with Busuu but you will be a whole lot closer to it!

I still use Duolingo as a supplementary source, but I do not suggest you use it as your primary. Pay more attention to the “Stories” section of DL which is by far the most superior area of that resource.

There are other even better resources that we will talk about in another time.